Data Movement


Cleo Harmony®

  • Cleo Harmony provides you with reliable and scalable data communications with the control, governance, and security you need for your internal and external exchanges; seamless hand-off to people, applications, and systems with high speed and ad hoc transfer; and APIs you can provision and instrument to suit your file integration processes and data movement use cases.
  • Cleo VLTrader®
  • Cleo LexiCom®
  • Cleo VL Proxy™


Data Transformation


Cleo Clarify®

  • Cleo Clarify supports every phase of business integration – building, integrating, and maintaining – in one simplified, streamlined product. An individual may create, test, and deploy integration processes from beginning to end, or Clarify can be used by teams with multiple participants and roles – including business analysts, developers, and IT operations personnel.
  • Cleo EEI™️

Cloud Analytics


Cleo Integration Cloud Dashboards

  • Analyze - Real-time, end-to-end visibility that powers intelligent insight into your most important  performance indicator – revenue-driving business processes.
  • Administer - Tools that allow you to manage your users, tune your system, and customize its look and feel. 


Private Cloud Analytics


Cleo Dashboards® Private Cloud Edition

  • Cleo Dashboards provide robust static and interactive reporting and data analysis capabilities.

Additional Capabilities